Keynote Talks

"An amazing speaker and expert in corporate culture. Thank you for your contributions to the business community."

Marcela Arredondo, Small Business Development Center UTRGV.


Collaboration 5.0: Lean and Agile Collaboration Systems.

Collaboration has been misunderstood and mismanaged... Until now. Collaboration is an activity, but it is also one of the main operating systems in your team. Discover the way to manage it and take it to amazing levels of lean, agile performance in just weeks!


Collaborative Leadership

Leadership is fundamentally a collaborative role and we have over-complicated it. Those that look to guide their teams to success though amazing collaboration need to master four essential functions. This talk provides the key to excellence in each of the four.

real Generational Gap, Alberto Garcia-Jurado, TEDx San Antonio, Digital Natives

The Real Generational Gap

There have always been generational gaps, but what we face today is a generational BREAK in human fundamentals generated by the unprecedented technological evolution. It is the gap between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives. Explore the implications of these new Digital Natives as consumers and as members of the workforce.


Accelerated Intercultural Collaboration

Really understanding another culture takes years, and that depth is not usually necessary for day-to-day team collaboration. Learn in one session, the fundamentals on understanding how other cultures collaborate at work, though the revolutionary "Cultural Dimension Daisy".

Other Breakthrough Talks


Mindful Productivity

All superior civilizations and philosophies recognize the importance of self-awareness, and mindfulness. Unfortunately most IT and social media tools take us in the exact opposite direction. Learn how we can use technology for mindful, productive activity, instead of letting it manage us.

Cultural Keys For Doing Business In Latin America

Latin America is becoming a vital, growing region. Using our "Cultural Dimension Daisy" model, understand the key differences in the collaboration model between the U.S. and most Latin American countries. Also learn strategies for overcoming them, and supporting successful business ventures.

Harnessing Diversity Structurally

It is not surprising that training has proven unsuccessful at neutralizing negative bias. Most bias are subconscious, and changing them in most individuals requires years of coaching and therapy. The key is to neutralize them through structural changes in the workplace.

The end result is not only a more objective, equitable environment, but also a more productive, aligned and efficient one. These are diversity initiatives that make operational sense.