Is one of the top skills needed to thrive*. 


You Know Your Business. I know Collaboration.


*The World Economic Forum Reports that Coordinating With Others is one of the Top 10 Skills you will need to thrive in the coming decades.

*An extensive LinkedIn Study determined that Collaboration is among the Top 3 Skills companies will need the most to grow and succeed.

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"Throughout the entire process, Alberto Garcia-Juardo has been there to empower each team member to lead and be very purposeful in the way we work. Every session was well thought out, sensitive to our habits and different mindsets on our team. In the first few weeks we could not only see the improvement in our organizational collaboration, but also feel the connection and commitment to all be on the same page in the way we looked at our job outcomes."

"The training you provided during the merger was extremely valuable. All the tools helped us integrate the groups from different countries and avoid much conflict and misunderstanding."

"I am working to get a dysfunctional group some clear objectives and your presentation gave me the answers I have been looking for."

Just thinking differently (outcome/objective vs. activity) has already affected my life. I ALREADY feel less stress...and that's a good thing!

"In Valeo Mexico, Mr. Garcia Jurado supported us with intercultural training. The feedback from the expatriate participants was excellent. Many mentioned that it was of higher value and content than the ones they have taken in Europe or Asia."

"A great speaker with great real world ideas that can be directly implemented at any organization."


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