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"I 'm a hughe fan of Alberto - So valuable. People like me paid tons of money for an MBA-level operations course to learn what he thought in an hour!"


Ensuring a Lean, Agile Collaboration System.

Get rid of busy work and ensure every activity is focused on clarity objectives that add true value. All this while enhancing transparency, equity and neutralizing bias. This session will take you and your team on the discovery of your collaboration system, and provide the tools and frameworks you will need to take it to the very highest levels of performance. All in just weeks!

The Functions of True Collaborative Leadership

Mastering four essential functions will help you become an amazing collaborative leader. This session shows you the practical, ground-breaking model for next-level collaborative leadership.

Ensuring Extraordinary Committee Performance

Committees are the most strategic element for the success of Chambers or Associations, and they are mostly volunteer-based. Provide all your committees with a simple, high-impact model of operation that will focus, energize and integrate the way they collaborate.

Effective Intercultural Collaboration

Getting multicultural teams to collaborate effectively can be one of the greatest organizational challenges. The process can take years with a very costly integration curve. But organizations can integrate their multicultural teams in just days through this dynamic, breakthrough session where they will apply our disruptive framework for accelerated intercultural understanding through two core frames of reference and five key cultural dimensions.


Take your collaboration to the highest levels of performance for growth and success.

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